Wash and Fold

Laundry Waves provides the best of comforts. All our employees are well trained with training programs conducted at regular intervals. We provide high quality dry cleaning, washing and ironing services from top-notch facilities & high-end equipment.

Clothes wash and Fold

Have a mountain of clothes that need a good wash? Just give us the pile and we’ll not just save you time, but also save on energy of washing, wringing, drying and folding. We separate the dark from the whites and use different cycles depending on the types of clothes. We are the best clothes washing services in Hyderabad.

We use a technology smart system to alert our team of any special instructions (if any). After a thorough cycle of drying, our team folds and packs your laundry into specialized bags.

  • Professional handling
  • Special care instructions
  • For all types of clothes
  • Preserve quality
  • No stains guarantee