Laundry Waves provides the best of comforts. All our employees are well trained with training programs conducted at regular intervals. We provide high quality dry cleaning, washing and ironing services from top-notch facilities & high-end equipment.

Steam Ironing

We'll press our way through your towering stack of clothes. Our most demanded service;Laundry Waves steam ironing services in Hyderabad will remove every stubborn wrinkle and flatten every crease, reversing your clothes back to the shape they were in when you first bought them.

The theory behind steam iron is the culmination of heat and water on the fibers that your clothes are made of. Steam iron kicks your clothes into shape through every root and every connection as the fabric gets heated with steam making its molecules get oriented to their original shape.

  • Ready for all types of clothes
  • Handles the toughest creases
  • Quality Service
  • Affordable prices